How Much It Costs


from: £364.00

  • 1 to 3  Minute Video
  • Pre-production
  • One camera operator
  • One master copy of finished video is provided.
    *footage & the finished video remains the copyright property of Carr Media.

Additional Charges:

travel time @ £10.00 per hour (minimum 1 hour)
mileage @ 0.45p per mile
General travel expenses TBA

Extra camera Operator £20.00 per hour
Presenter from £30.00 per hour
Lighting from £5.00 per light
Green Screen from £10.00 per hour
Sound recording from £5.00 per hour
Multi camera setup from £10.00 per camera
Autocue  from £10.00 per hour

Use of Royalty/Copyright free music track  £20.00 per track
A Voice Over from our in house team from £20.00
Production of graphic card at beginning , during or end of video £10.00 per graphic
Extra editing £52.00 per hour


Our Simple Pricing Structure.
Our rate is calculated on the number of hours it will take to film and edit together with a small administrative charge. All pre- and post-production is taken into consideration. A simple hourly rate of £52.00 is charged. When we have discussed your project with you, we will be able to get a full idea of your requirements and needs and be able to quote you.  The number of hours filming and on location and how many hours to create the edit determine what you are invoiced. Included: All travel costs, Filming; (a minimum of an hour at each location) this is based on a one person crew present at one location.  Price includes minor adjustments to the edit. If there are any major changes to be made a new price will be quoted.  A second camera operator, presenter, any extra crew and any bespoke music or if a ‘Voice Over’ is required will be charged at extra. One master copy of the finished footage is provided.

* Footage and finished video remains the copyright property of Carr Media.

All costs subject to VAT