Styles of Video


There are a number of different styles of videos available: One where you the client talk us through the product or service; Or we can provide a suitable voice over to take us through the production. We can recreate a news report style of video; Or produce a montage of your service or product set to suitable royalty free music; Another popular style is a vox pops or testimonial video, where your clients or customers speak on camera and say nice things about you; We can also test your product, show it off and inform people about it.

Client Talk Example:



Voice Over Example:


News Report Example:



Should you require music on your finished video an appropriate royalty/copyright free tack is included in your video’s price. However if you want your own bespoke piece of music created especially for your video or a campaign we can put you in touch with our recommended music writers.


Music Montage Example:


Vox Pops/Testimonial Example:




Test Your Product Example: