Video Adverts


Having a video produced can work well on your website or on social media sites, there are also many other opportunities to show off your product or service on Video Business Directories and websites specialising in promoting you by hosting your video. We can produce your very own ‘Video Adverts’ We produce three different types of video.

Here you can see examples all three types of video we have produced for the same business to help highlight to you which video type best suits your requirements and budget. Any video advert or promotional video produced by Carr Media will be hosted free of charge for its first year on Bucks TV’s video business directory if appropriate and required.


Our all singing and dancing promotional video…

Video Promos from: £364.00.



Lasts between 30 seconds and one minute, we bring along our broadcast quality HD video camera to you business, we interview a key spokes person or use a presenter, film Various essential cutaway shots which sum up your product or service and edit together a video package lasting one minute in length.

Video adTWO  from: £312.00.



You provide us with a 30 second script, (85 words)…. and of course we can help you create one ….. The script will sum up your product or service… You then provide us with high res photos which we can animate and put over our voice over of the script.

Video adONE from £156.00.